Only Have Your VIN Number? Learn How To Find Your License Number With Your VIN

A vehicle identification number (VIN), is a unique identifier that every car has. The VIN contains 17 letters and numbers, which together give you specific information about the car, using the VIN can help you find the license plate belonging to your car.

The quickest way to find your license plate number with vin is to visit and input your vin number, once inputted you will be able to see your license plate number.

If you’re not sure on how to find you vin keep reading below…

How To Find Your Vin?

The first step to finding a license plate using the VIN is finding the VIN. It can often be found somewhere on the windshield, but it varies by car make and model. Additionally, some cars have more than one number that could be considered their VIN.

Once you’ve located the VIN of your car, you can use it to find information about your vehicle. To do this, just input your VIN into an online database or look up other identifiers for your specific car brand.

We recommend visiting as it provides a fast and easy way to find your license number and other information regarding your vehicle. All you have to do is input your vin number and a new page should appear showing off your vehicles information!

What is a Vin and Why Is It Important?

Picture of a diagram explaining what the words/numbers mean on the VIN

The vehicle identification number is a 17 digit alpha-numeric identifier that every car has. These numbers are used to distinguish one vehicle from another, making each VIN unique.

If you’ve ever wondered how an officer is able to pull someone over if there’s more than one car with the same license plate number, here’s the answer: the vin! The license plates on your car do not contain personal information, but instead point towards your cars registration and insurance information.

VINs can also help people find their specific car make or model in online databases by inputting their VIN into the search bar (we recommend

What Can My Vin Tell Me About Car?

Picture of VIN from a Ford vehicle

Your vin contains 17 numbers and letters, these together give you specific information about the car. As you may have guessed, there are many different combinations of numbers that could be considered a vin number, but every combination will tell you something about your vehicle.

For example, if your cars VIN contained all 7’s it would likely mean the car was made by Ford Motors.

Before buying a used car it is recommended to use to find out information regarding the vehicles history. This should be done regardless of whether or not you know the license plate number – accidents can happen within hours or minutes of purchasing/selling a vehicle!

Can You Find Your License Number Without A Vin?

Picture of license plate at a DMV centre

A license number cannot be found on its own, it needs a vin number to connect to. However, there are other ways you can find the information of your car. To do this you need to first find out if the car is registered under your name, then use the website to search for that registration number (license plates contain personal information).

  • See if the car is registered under your name.
  • Use a vin locator tool, such as or
  • Call your local DMV and ask them to cross reference your license plate with your registration number.
  • Go in person to a DMV branch and request a VIN check for proof of ownership for the vehicle.

You can find many online databases that have lists of VIN numbers corresponding to specific makes and models, these are great for figuring out what kind of car you’re looking at when you see one on the road.

Finding License Plate Number at the DMV

Your license plate number can be found at the DMV by using their vin search tool to find out registration information.

This is particularly useful if you are not sure what kind of car you own, but only have the license plate number. This site will allow you to input your VIN and check many different information about your car all at once!

If the car is registered under someone else’s name, for example a family member or spouse, just ask them for their vin number so that you can cross reference it with your vehicle.

You should always know who owns the car that you’re driving – even if its legally yours – as this will help avoid legal issues in case of an accident involving injury/death! Guarantee that you have a clear understanding of all the vehicles that you drive on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Remember, cars can easily get stolen! If you’re ever in doubt about your vehicle make sure to verify the VIN number with the DMV or use a vin lookup tool to see what kind of car it is! Good luck and always be safe.

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