About Us

Hi everyone, welcome to License Plate Help your #1 Destination for everything license plate help!

Just like you I’m an avid license plate lover who thinks of every possible plate name to add for my car, I actually have my own customized number plate which you can see in the picture down below:

You could probably guess that I love ducks… 🦆

When driving around town sometimes I see people with customized plates and if I see a funny number plate or something interesting I will usually post about it and take photos. It’s just another way to have some added personality on the road which can definitely transform the look of your vehicle.

So Why Did I Start License Plate Help?

I started this website as a way to help people with any issues regarding license plates, I personally have faced hassles with getting my custom plates registered and renewed.

I tried to scour the web for easy resource answers but most DMV websites are old and don’t necessarily provide the information in a quick format. That’s where License Plate Help comes in, to help you find your license plate question in a quick and efficient format without the need of reading government jargon.

We hope you have found this website useful for your license plate endeavors, feel free to reach out to me regarding any questions you may face.

All The Best,