The Importance Of Preventing Your License Plates From Bending

One of the most common questions we’ve been getting is “How do I keep my front license plate from bending?” The usage of a large, heavy object on your front bumper can lead to this issue over time. In some states, such as California, you are required by law to have a front license plate. Some car owners may choose not to install one for aesthetic reasons, but they still want its benefits without the look of a visible mount or unsightly hole in their bumper. We’ve come up with the best way to mount your front license plate so it won’t bend or damage your bumper.

To prevent your front license plate from bending a front license plate cover (bracket) is the best solution as it keeps your plates in place whilst keeping a slim design that’s sturdy for daily driving.

What Causes Front License Plates To Bend?

Picture of front license plate bent

The biggest reason that license plates bend and warp is that they’re made of thin aluminum which can be bent very easily. Another reason why front license plates get bent out of shape is the constant exposure to the hot sun, even if your car is parked under a shade tree or in a garage your plate will still slowly start to bend as time goes on, no matter how careful you are with it.

People like to hit their front bumper when backing up and this might cause dents and chips in your bumper, but also bend the license plate bracket as well. You should always make sure to check for dents and chips before putting those parking permits back onto your vehicle after an inspection.  

Truck owners tend to park their trucks at angles when they’re on public roads, this makes the front license plate susceptible to rocks and other debris on the road which can leave behind scuffs and scratches. These hazards are out of your control so it’s important to make sure you get a custom-fit license plate cover that will protect your plate from these dangers.

Best License Plate Cover To Purchase

Compiled below is a mini list of a few trusted front plate covers that have been used by us and other readers. These covers are durable and the best part is they’re cheap!

EAGTAC – Universal Front License Plate Bracket Holder Cover


  • Made of Lightweight Military Grade Aluminum Alloy Construction.
  • Multi-Position Adjustable Design, Flexible mounting points allow you to install in almost any position on both curved and flat surfaces.
  • Four rubber pads protect your paint by not scratching the surface, easy installation.
  • Fits most vehicle without drilling or damage done to their front bumper.

AutoTex – Car Truck Universal Fit Front License Plate Bracket Holder for Car Trucks with Parking Lines and Non-Oversize Frame


  • Universal fit front license plate bracket holder holds one standard size front license plate.
  • The material is made of ABS/Acrylic enamel rounded matte black plastic, durable and won’t fall off.
  • No need to drill holes on your bumper! Easy installation, just screw it on the front grille or under the car using original screws. This product is universal fit for most cars, trucks, vans & SUV. It may not work well with oversized frames that are bigger than 6″x12″. List Price: N/A Sale Price:

AutoTex – Universal Fit Front License Plate Bracket Holder


  • Universal fit front license plate bracket holder fits most vehicles with oversized frames that measures up to 6×12 inches.
  • The material is made of ABS/Acrylic enamel rounded matte black plastic, durable and won’t fall off.
  • No need to drill holes on your bumper! Easy installation, just screw it on the front grille or under the car using original screws. This product is universal fit for most cars, trucks, vans & SUV

How To Prevent Front License Plate From Bending?

Picture of a car with a front license plate cover

To keep your newly installed license plate looking like new you should try to avoid hitting objects with it by keeping an eye out for things in front of you while you’re backing up or parking. You should also regularly check for any bending taking place, soon enough the bends will start to appear more frequently and become more noticeable. When shopping around for a new license plate cover all of these factors should be taken into consideration to make sure that the cover you end up purchasing will actually fit, or if it’s universal enough to work for your vehicle.

If you spend a lot of time driving on unpaved roads then there’s nothing that can protect your front license plate from dents and chips. A new grille might need to be installed eventually if the paint gets chipped off too much, especially if it’s an expensive or rare car/truck. The same thing can happen when you park too close to objects with sharp edges like brick walls or fences. Even metal frames near doors in parking garages have been known today to cause dents on cars’ bumpers as well as their license plates.

Just remember that your license plate is a safety component of your vehicle and can cause you to receive traffic tickets if it’s not using the proper bracket or custom-fit cover. It will also make you look silly or even careless if anyone notices how bent or warped your front license plate has become over time, this might end up with you getting funny looks from people on the road as well as lead to accidents from other drivers seeing those bends and defects before they see that you’re actually the one driving the car.

With all of this in mind, there are literally hundreds of different types of custom-fit front license plate covers available at most automotive part retailers today. These products have exploded onto the market in recent years due to their simplistic installation process and overall effectiveness.

How To Install Front License Plate Cover

To install your new bracket, use a flat-head screwdriver and pop the license plate off of its mount in your front bumper. To keep it in place we recommend using some strong 3M double-sided tape. After you’ve removed the screws to take the cover off of its brackets, line up your new brackets with your new custom fit license plate cover over the top of them, apply firm pressure around the edges to secure the plate cover to your bumper, and replace all screws. That’s It!

Your front license plate will now be protected from damage due to extreme weather conditions or other dangers on the road. This is also a great solution for those who want an easier way to put their license plate on and off of their car without having to drill holes into their bumper.

By using this type of cover you are able to hide any old holes that were already drilled into your bumper by another bracket. These covers are available in black or chrome finishes, so they match most cars’ bumpers very well. They can easily be removed if you ever need access to your radiator in the front of your engine bay as well.

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